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HamRecycling Hotline: Tel 1-877-322-4277 HamRecycling renewable resource recycling company processing plant , founded in 2001 , is engaged in scrap metal, scrap metal waste, electronic waste recycling, sorting, processing as an integrated and Industrial enterprises. Our main supply comes from the united states. Purchasing professionals at (state, govn and county ) and other industry is relatively concentrated areas with a recycling company. Funded companies,A strong trade services platform. Over the years our company by the majority of factories and mines, agencies and other acclaimed. have To-based business philosophy to " Help Manage Your Electronic Equipment " for the purpose of serving the public! Find the best way, the most reasonable price with the company, Recycling Po, environmental protection, income generation! The establishment and operation of the company, not only help to improve the quality of the environment, but also provide a convenient for all enterprises and institutions dealing with waste, better to improve environmental protection to make its own contribution. Renewable resources but also for each of the major scrap metal plant provides a great help. Greatly reduce production costs. We sincerely hope that all companies,Provide the best quality service ! Since our company is processing nature, the other recycling companies to avoid the two Hand price differential. Companies in the highest price of all long-term acquisition of scrap various. Long-term cooperation with the factory. Contracting factory waste of large enterprises. We sincerely welcome scrap manufacturers and personal contact us. Price, reputation and development


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